For Graduate Instructors & Teaching Assistants

This page is intended to help teaching assistants, graduate students and academic instructors of all varieties. Teaching tools are developed from various places, but I do my best to credit their sources if they do not belong to only me. There are links here that send you to other teaching sites as well. Happy Teaching!

Online Teaching Tools

Sample Syllabi

Teaching Tools


  • All ASA members have free access to TRAILS, an online peer reviewed library of high quality teaching resources. Resource types include syllabi, class activities, assignments, lectures, and more. Submitting resources for publication in TRAILS provides evidence of teaching excellence for promotion and tenure. Subscriptions are available for non-members.

Undergraduate Assistants

  • Creating a Sociology 320 independent study course
  • Benefits and how-to for developing independent studies that help your research and mentoring skills

Masters Thesis Tips

Institutional Review Board Tips

Gender & Early Childhood Education Classrooms (Prezi) + Handout

Intersectional Teaching Handout (Frank & Albanesi 2018, SWS Conference Workshop)


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